Phil. Tuberculosis Society to enhance its health mission in Dagupan


DAGUPAN CITY – Driven by a mission to eradicate and not just control tuberculosis by 2035, the Philippine Tuberculosis Society Inc. (PTSI) will soon revitalize the services of their branch clinic here by scaling up its resources and facilities.

The officers led by Dr. Camilo Roa Jr., vice president of PTSI, met with Mayor Belen T. Fernandez on March 15 at the city museum along with Dr. Jennifer Wi and Dr. Betha Fe Castillo, and disclosed their intentions of upgrading the facilities of their clinic.

“We visited and looked at the situation of our branch clinic here because we would like to help the branch fulfill its health mission to the city in taking care of the disease,” said Roa.

PTSI is the largest private non-government organization and the longest serving medical institution engaged in the detection, control and treatment of tuberculosis in the country.

Tuberculosis is number six in the list of killer diseases in the country today. It is transmitted through the air when people who have active TB in their lungs cough, spit, speak or sneeze. It occurs more often in people with HIV-AIDS and in those who smoke.

“This is why we need not just to control it but to totally eradicate it by 2035. Imagine for a disease with a cure and is easily identified but still it is a top six killer,” said Roa.

Roa said that the spread of the disease is not a medical problem but a socio-economic problem that would need the cooperation and participation of everyone including the LGU.

PTSI will be bringing in equipment to the clinic like a modern x-ray, which is digital and internet-based and support facility like sputum.

For the city, Mayor Fernandez pledged to help in the repair of the road going to the clinic. The city alone is now in the process of constructing its diagnostic center, which will house a TB Dots clinic.

“Your coming here is very timely and we would like to work hand in hand with you so we could control the disease spread in our city,” said Fernandez. (CIO/Joseph Bacani)

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