No letup in Tokhang in Urbiztondo

THERE has been no letup in the campaign against illegal drugs in Urbiztondo town.

P/Chief nspectorI Joshua Maximo, acting-police chief, said police operatives continue to closely monitor drug personalities and plan buy-bust operations in tandem with PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency).

The most recent arrest involved a suspected drug pusher from Barangay Paluspos in San Carlos who sold three sachets of shabu to an undercover police operative.

Based on intelligence monitoring, it has been determined that supply of shabu reaching Urbiztondo comes from San Carlos City.

Presently, there are already 16 drug cleared barangays out of 21 in Urbiztondo.

Maximo said, implementation of Oplan Tokhang on listed drug personalities in the affected barangays and with the participation of barangay officials.

Meanwhile, he said the only gambling operation in the town is the off-fronton jai-alai betting station which has been issued a business permit by the local government. (Nora Dominguez)

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