Hundred Islands ready for summer tourists

A HOT summer season can spell fun at the Hundred Islands.

And the Alaminos City government has began preparing for the influx of local and foreign tourist expected to visit the Hundred Islands National Park.

Rosela Ureala, assistant city tourism officer, said the government is currently sprucing up the thirteen islets in the Hundred Islands National Park for the enjoyment of tourists.

Ureala said, there are 13 developed islands that can be visited and among them are Governor’s Island, Quezon Island, Children’s Island, Bat Island, Marcos Island, Imelda Cave, Cuenco Island, Lopez island, Coral island and Virgin Island.

From the month of January and February this year, the City Tourism Office has recorded 82,000 tourists that visited the Hundred Islands.

The City Tourism Office expects to foreign tourists on board seven International cruise ship this year.

Ureala said, last January and February the Seabourn Sojourn already docked twice and is expected to return this month.

With the expected influx of tourist, the city government has deployed Island Rangers to the islands to monitor illegal poaching and illegal fishing activity and to maintain cleanliness to the designated islands.

The city’s Zero Waste Management Ordinance covers the Hundred Islands.

She said, “the Protected Area Management Board have provided an AVP (audio visual presentation) where visitors will be informed on the do’s and don’ts in and around islands among them the prohibition of eating and drinking on the sand areas. (Nora Dominguez)

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