Graduation speakers and graduates

“TIS the month of graduation ceremonies in public and private schools and colleges.

And as one might expect, school authorities are scampering to invite popular or key  personages in government, business or academe sector.

We do hope more schools and colleges will begin to invite more of their own alumnus who’ve gained recognition or accomplished a major feat in a specific field (except politics). Our young graduates need models of their own, of people who shared the graduates’ lifestyles and circumstances. The graduates of this generation need to know about real birth pains in the real world, sacrifices to be made, disappointments along the way, and the rewards that can only come with hard work and determination.

The millenials have little use of verbose speakers who love to listen to themselves which is why politicians are not exactly your ideal inspirational speakers.

Let’s hear it from our past graduates who made a mark for themselves after completing their studies in their community schools and colleges, they who can tell the graduates the important roles that their professors, teachers and instructors played in their adult lives, the extra-curriccular activites that helped mold their character.

Graduation is about preparing to move on in life mentally, physcially and morally.  It’s not about politics, not about power and influence of others. The DepEd’s policy banning politicos as graduation speakers is a step in the right direction.


PLANS are plans.  Until they are implemented, they are merely that: plans.  In like manner, talk is talk.  Until it has happened, it has not happened.  That is why when someone says this or that, believe not a word of it.  Only the gullible, the unthinking lot if you will, do.  Notice the many that readily reacted rather negatively, if not inappropriately, to President Duterte’s statement undermining China’s plan to build a radar station at Panatag Shoal.  “If China will do it, who can stop them?” the President said.  “Not even the US.”  Magistrate Carpio immediately countered, “The President should not ‘impliedly’ cede our sovereign right to Panatag Shoal.” Who’s ceding which?  By saying what President Duterte said, did Digong cede Panatag Shoal to China?  Far from it.  Let’s not overreact. Only the shallow-minded, if not the brain dead, do.

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