Process for W2E project starts


AMID the garbage crisis presently facing the city of Dagupan since the closure of the open dumpsite, a small light appears at the end of the tunnel –  the city’s planned waste-to-energy facility may soon become a reality.

City Legal Officer Victoria Cabrera told the consultative meeting convened by the city council on Feb. 7s, that the waste-to-energy facility project being worked out by Mayor Belen Fernandez, as the long-term solution to address the present garbage problem of Dagupan, is gaining momentum.

Cabrera revealed there is already one proponent willing to build the project at no cost to the city government

“Though we already have one proponent, it has yet to undergo meticulous evaluation by members of the selection committee” she said, adding that the committee includes Councilors Alvin Coquia and Jeslito Seen.

Cabrera said that since she, the councilors and other members of the selection committee lack experience on the subject, she suggested that experts be tapped to provide technical inputs on the process.

Initially, it is the selection committee that will recommend the proponent for acceptance by Mayor Belen Fernandez but there are other processes that will have to be observed before it can finally implement the project.

The investor is expected to funnel P80 million for the construction and hopes to recover its investments through the sale of diesel fuel that will be produced from conversion of solid wastes to be delivered by the local government to its waste conversion plant.

“We are positive that before the end of the first quarter of this year, we can already take the first step towards achieving our objective,” she said.

Cabrera said, however, that the more pressing problem is the short-term solution to the garbage problem because of the closure of the open dumpsite.

She called on the full cooperation of the barangay chairmen and their respective constituents to strictly implement the required segregation of wastes from the households.

Last Feb, 7, the WMD has started collecting plastics from all barangay MRFs, then food wastes, partly easing the situation in the city. (Leonardo Micua)

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