Two shot dead last week

LINGAYEN–Two persons were gunned down in separate incidents in Bani town and Alaminos City.

Jerry Camba, married, A resident of Barangay Macabit, Bani town and a job order employee of the local government of said municipality was shot dead by unidentified suspects on March 31 along Barangay Tiep.

He sustained gunshot wound in his head.

Elements of the Scene of the Crime Operatives recovered three fired cartridge balls for 12-gauge shotgun at the crime scene.

On April 1, another was gunned down identified as Mark Angelo Trillana, 25, resident of Poblacion East, Agno town.

He sustained gunshot wound from an unknown caliber in the right lower part of his ribs when suspects shot him along the national road in Barangay Pogo, Alaminos City while he was on board a motorcycle with his back rider.  (Tita Roces)

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