4 coastal areas in Pangasinan still red tide-free

FISH, squids, shellfishes gathered in four coastal areas in Pangasinan remain red tide-free.

Region 1 Director of Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Nestor Domenden said Shellfish Bulletin No. 23 issued on Sept. 11 showed results of laboratory analyses conducted by BFAR and local government units (LGUs) that shrimps, crabs and seashells like mussels and oysters gathered from the coastal areas of Anda, Bolinao, Aaminos City and Wawa in Bani are free from toxic red tide and safe for human consumption.

Domenden said as a precautionary measure, however, LGUs are advised to require market inspectors, quarantine officers, administrators to demand for “auxiliary invoice” or clearance for domestic fish movement for any fish or seashells that are unloaded from other provinces and municipalities to ensure that seashells brought in the markets did not come from areas positive of paralytic shellfish poisoning. (Tita Roces)

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