Heated altercation lead to shooting, 1 dead

MAPANDAN–A heated altercation between two men in Barangay Luyan here led to a shooting that left one man dead.

The fatality was identified as Jose Soriano, 52, of Barangay Luyan, who was shot to death by one Reynaldo Dulay of the same place.

The police gathered that the two men engaged in a heated altercation due to a misunderstanding at about 7:30 a.m., May 30.

The two grappled for possession of a 12-gauge shotgunĀ that accidentally went off, hitting the left side of the body of Soriano that caused his instantaneous death.

Dulay voluntarily surrendered to Luyan Barangay Chairman Pablo Agustin, who subsequently turned him over to the Mapandan police.

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