Shabu pusher shot dead by men riding in tandem

SAN JACINTO—A suspected drug pusher was gunned down by still unidentified hitmen riding in tandem on a motorcycle while he was inside the public plaza here at 12:10 p.m. last May 23.

The fatality was identified as Almario Aoanan, 26, of Barangay Pag-asa, who sustained gunshot wounds in the chest and head and died on the spot.

Aoanan was sitting on a bench inside the plaza when the back rider of a motorcycle that stopped nearby walked towards him victim and opened fire at close range.

After the victim fell, the suspect casually walked back to the motorcycle and the driver zoomed out of the plaza.

Police Investigators who rushed to the scene of the crime recovered three spent shells and one deformed slug of Caliber 45 pistol, a lighter, a cigarette pack containing two sachets of shabu and P55 cash.

The motive for the slaying was not immediately known although policemen theorized it may have stemmed from a botched deal on shabu.

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