PANGASINAN-BROTHEROOD-USA AWARDEES—The Ten Outstanding Pangasinan Entrepreneurs (TOPE) and two special awardees in Southern California cited by the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA acknowledge the applause of the organization’s members after receiving their plaques from 2010-2011 President Dan E. Nino. From left: Mariano Aoanan (Loyalty Award), Virgil C. Aoanan (Dagupan City), Ads E. Diaz (Dagupan City), Eddie C. Ferrer (Dagupan City), Ester Ferrer-Maramba (Dagupan City), Bonnie Paragas-Oamar (Dagupan City), Lydia Ferrer-Roldan (Dagupan City), Imelda Oriel-Palacpac (Binalonan) representing Asian Journal publisher Roger L. Oriel, Dr. Rico N. Galvan (Dagupan City), Felix B. Lopez (Dagupan City), Caesar S. Natividad (Mangatarem) and Eduardo B. Siapno (Malasiqui).  Nino is the founding president of Mangatarem Assn. of Southern California.

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