Beer plus pulutan equals gout!


OCTOBER is the traditional beer-drinking month in Germany, and now in the country.

But in the midst of the usual merrymaking with the cold bottle of beer on hand, a prominent orthopedic surgeon in the city gave a friendly reminder – too much beer with pulutan can lead to gout if you don’t have it yet, or suffer an attack if you already have it!

Dr. Raul Sabado, a specialist on bones and joints practically gave a lecture on arthritis during the KBP Forum Thursday, got his beer-drinking hosts listening intently.

He advised beer drinkers to drink and eat in moderation.

Drinking more than what is considered “moderate” may lead to gout because of the uric acid content of pulutan that usually goes with the bittersweet drink.

He referred to favorites like pinapaitan, fish sauce, mackerel, dilis, tamban, etc.

Sabado, who maintains a clinic at a hospital in the city, said that goutis one of the three diseases associated with arthritis. “Kumbaga apelyido nila yong arthritis, may kanya-kanyang pangalan bawat isa,” he said. He clarified that rheumatism is not arthritis as many believe. “Misnomer yon,” he said.

Just like diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, he said that arthritis is a lifetime ailment that needs maintenance drugs.

Paulit-ulit yan di na marereverse. Yong gamot parang guwardia yan, kung wala sya papasok ang magnanakaw,” he said particularly referring to hypertension and diabetes that an afflicted person needs regular intake of maintenance medicines.

Pain on the back, knee and other joints is the most common complaint of adults. “Sign na yan ng old age,” he said in jest as he looked out for faces with clear aging signs.

He reminded his audience that bones get stiff especially after rest. “Kaya mag-stretch-stretch muna bago kumayod sa trabaho,” he said as he cited the importance of having correct posture, standing or sitting.

He said that while nobody dies of arthritis “Walang makakaiwas dyan, it’s a kind of degeneration. Nakakairita lang at nakaka-disable pag mga 85 to 90 years old na.” (PIA Pangasinan)

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