Sto. Tomas all geared up for longest grill record

STO. TOMAS–”Walang sunog na mais, lahat masarap kainin (No charred corn, all good for eating).”

Mayor Vivien Villar proudly told The PUNCH after the town completed its fourth dry-run on January 4 for its bid for the longest barbeque in the Guinness Book of World Records using its glutinous white corn product.

Villar said they are ready to break Hermosillo, Mexico’s longest barbeque record of 1,290.4 meters on Nov. 20, 2006.

Sto. Tomas’ grilling feat will be held on Feb. 10 at 4:00 p.m., which will be the climax of the celebration of the town’s 100 years founding anniversary.

The grill will be almost five kilometers long, using 121,00 corn ears of the white glutinous variety type, with 2,028 grills made of bamboo to be used, with each grill measuring 2.4 meters long.

Vice Mayor Timoteo Villar III, chairman of the Corn Festival, said three persons will be manning each grill, or a total of 6,084 people, all of whom are volunteers among the town’s population.

The mayor said organic farming was used in their corn planting as part of their advocacy for the environment and health.

Other activities during the 10-day Corn Festival include a showcase of 100 ways to cook mais, trade fairs, street dancing, and float parade, among others.#

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