2nd impeachment case versus GMA likely to fail

They can try but it won’t work. Thus said House Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. who expressed confidence that a second impeachment charge against President Gloria Arroyo will not prosper.

De Venecia told local newsmen last weekend in his Bonuan Binloc residence in Dagupan City that the same series of accusations against the President failed in the first impeachment and the vote was overwhelming.

“Unless they are able to produce 79 signatures then that complaint will not reach the Senate,” he said. He added “if they are going to revive the same charges, then the same charges will just come to naught”.

He is optimistic the number (in favor of the President) will further increase. When Proclamation 1017 was issued by Mrs. Arroyo, de Venecia said there was an overwhelming support from various sectors of society for the President.

He added that local government units and all sectors in the society refused to endorse any moves to remove the president by violence. In downplaying Mrs. Arroyo’s very low popularity rating based on the recent survey made by Pulse Asia, de Venecia said “these are the ups and downs of the incumbency”.

He added that theoverwhelming sentiment is that there is no credible, suitable” alternative to the President. De Venecia said “public opinion is tired of the foot and mouth disease of politicians who are engaged in destructive, adversarial, poisonous, negative politics”.

“People are tired of these coup attempts, of these impeachments, of these investigations after investigations. People are sick and tired of politicians. They want performing politics.

They want to see the politics of achievement, the politics of performance,” he said.-EVA

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