Birthdays/Anniversaries October 10 – 15, 2015

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Submit dates of birthdays and anniversaries of friends and relatives to as in below: 

January 29, Wedding anniversary, Dop and Snow Garcia, Los Angeles, CA
May 29, Birthday, Karmina Arrogante, Dagupan City


OCTOBER 10 – (Dagupan City) Elma de Guzman; (Loac, Manaoag) VERNA GODFREY

OCTOBER 13 – (Dagupan City) Resty Basa, George Chua Cham; (Lingayen) Jing2 Malicdem


Happy Birthday!
(October 11- Manaoag)

Happy Birthday!
(October  11- Lingayen)

Happy Birthday!
(October 14- Dagupan City/USA)

Happy 10th Years Anniversary!
(October 15 – Dagupan City)

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Notice is hereby given that the estate left by the late CESAR B. DE GUZMAN, who died on March 26, 2014 in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, consisting of a parcel of land situated in Bo. of Malabago, Calasiao, Pangasinan, containing an area of 170 sq. meters, covered by  Transfer Cert. of Title No. 229617, is the subject of extra-judicial settlement of partition with deed of donation in favor of RUSSEL P. DE GUZMAN married to JEMUEL P. DE GUZMAN, under Doc. No. 339; Page No. 69; Book No. XVI; Series of 2015 under Notary Public Atty. Emmanuel Noah C. Siapno. 

October 11, 18 and 25, 2015

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SP Frontpage October 4 -10, 2015 issue

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Editorial Cartoon

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What’s the score?


IT has been two months we last heard of an update from the Pangasinan Provincial Police Office and the Provincial Anti-Drug Advisory Council.

While Pangasinenses are heartened by regular reports of accomplishments from a number of police stations that regularly do battle with the drug syndicates, arresting drug personalities in buy-bust operations, an unsettling vacuum is still felt by communities. Reports of huge volumes of shabu being seized in Metro Manila are encouraging but none of these seem to happen anywhere at any time in the province in spite of reports that the supply of the illegal drug has not been hampered or dented.
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By Ermin Garcia Jr.

AT the rate things are proceeding in Dagupan City, it appears Mayor Belen Fernandez will not meet any serious opposition or contest from any right-thinking politico in 2016.

You have to hand it to her. She has accomplished a lot more for the city than all that her predecessors had accomplished put together. The only two remaining missions on her plate that remain to be “work-in-progress” are her dream declaring the city as drug-free and illegal fish pen-free!

So if anyone would wish to contest her reelection in 2016, it can only possibly on those two issues: to make Dagupan drug-free and completely rid the city’s rivers of fish pens 24/7! Other than those, no one and nobody can refute what she has done for education, health. sports and culture, peace and order, livelihood, waste management, fiscal management and administration, disaster management, etc.

Beat that!

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Think about it

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PH a mecca of sports?


By Jun Velasco

“I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right to say it,” Voltaire.
SPORTS-minded Ph.

That should be our country’s tag with Gilas Pilipinas’ stellar performance at the FIBA Championship in Changsia, China.

Our forecast is, in the grand finals, it will be the Philippines versus China. We hope we’ll win to give the bully (in politics) a dose of her own medicine.

On Friday, while we took to our computer to type this column, we came across with sheer delight the 1975 giant photo of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in a do-or-die stance with our own Sonny Padilla (referee) as PDI’s historic sports photo, which took place in Quezon City, now called Ali Mall (named after the boxing champ).

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Playing with Fire

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Guv’nor Spines should back Duterte!


By Gonzalo Duque

WE welcome the Jaycees to our beloved city on Oct 8-10!

Their national president is Vice Mayor Brian Lim.  This is one great opportunity for Brian to show his leadership qualities.

Aha? Ang lalaki ng streamers ni Mayor Belen Fernandez welcoming the Jaycees and, of course, Brian!

That should be the spirit, mga abay!

Ok, brother Jaycees, enjoy your stay in Bangus country!

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General Admission

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The waiting game


By Al S. Mendoza

  AS the piano-bar saying goes, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

That simply means we don’t drink the last shot until the bar crooner belts the last song of the night.

The bar doesn’t close until our last order has been placed.

Music won’t stop until the “pack-up” signal is barked up.

But sometimes, if the last man standing is still around, the barrel won’t stop flowing.

Mar Roxas has somewhat used that “fat lady sings” mantra this week to make Leni Robredo his running mate in his presidential bid for the 2016 polls.

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