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SP Frontpage July 27, 2014 issue

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Editorial Cartoon

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Lessons to be learned

THE public outcry, the explanations and defenses made, the ruling of the Supreme Court on the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) and recently the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) should provide instructive lessons not only to our province’s local government leaders, from the governor to our mayors and barangay kapitans and legislators, but to us, their constituents.
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More legal woes for Mr. ACC


By Ermin Garcia Jr.


BUSINESSMAN Antonio Cabangon Chua, whose bid won the MC Adore properties, must already rue the day he agreed to make a “bid” at the instance of Messrs. Benjie Lim, Tony Uy et al.

His trophy acquisition in Dagupan accomplished nothing for him. Instead, he found himself mired in a string of legal cases even before he can think of a return on his investment rumored to have reached P200 million, inclusive of his P119 million winning bid.

His latest legal battle is the civil suit filed by Mr. Leo Angeles, the same brave soul who dared file a case against former Mayor Lim over the sale of MC Adore shortly before the 2013 elections. It is the court of Judge Florentino Dumlao in Dagupan City that has jurisdiction over it. (More on this next week).
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Think about it

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Jewels in a haystack

Jun Velasco

By Jun Velasco


“The company of just and upright man is better than wealth and a real estate,” Euripides


IN spite of man’s inherent propensity for greed which is shaking our governmental institutions—the Palace, the Supreme Court, the Legislature  (Senate and House of Representatives), the nation is still lucky we, denizens, are able to stay the course and allow the wheels of life to proceed.

Go to the coffee shops and savor not only the sip and aroma of brewed coffee, but also the blasts between and among our government officials, so much so that each and every man you meet has also his take on the simmering topics, making us all impromptu members of a debating society.
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Playing with Fire

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Mango is good for diabetes—US medical journal

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


GEORGIA, USA—Manlaldis so balita ditan!

Sorry, folks, we missed the deadline last week. No, actually, we misread the Decorp. We thought it could not restore power that soon. Yon pala, it was back at 11 am. It was evening here, and we fell asleep na.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back.

P-noy’s impeachment talk is the favorite topic here, too.

But the Yankees and the Fil-Ams are taking a wait-and-see attitude, anxious on developments back home.

If you ask us, the boiling heat over our hapless country could be due to P-noy’s angry mode. Parang galit lagi.
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General Admission

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Even billionaires can be fooled, too


By Al S. Mendoza


THE basketball republic was mad and the anger was justified.

They were made to believe Gilas Pilipinas will engage the NBA Stars in a basketball game on Tuesday, July 22.

They virtually packed the Cubao Big Dome in Quezon City early afternoon that day, expecting to be treated to world-class basketball, if not show time by the masters of the game.

But in a stunning, shocking, development, the game got canceled.
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It’s a smaller world for drug traffickers


By Bebot Villar


WHEN a campaign against the illegal drugs is indeed serious, we get good results.  That’s why the Police Regional Office 1 is very proud about its accomplishments for the past half year. It confiscated almost half a billion worth of illegal drugs!

Ayon sa report, umaabot sa 238,000 marijuana plants, 500,000 seedlings, 293.73 kilograms of dried marijuana leaves and 10.24 kg na buto ng marijuana ang kanilang naagaw from anti-drugs operations in the region. They also confiscated almost 1 kilo of shabu, close to 3 kilos of other drugs and filed 326 cases against 422 arrested suspects.
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Sports Eye

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Unforgiveable faux pas

Jess Garcia

By Jesus A. Garcia, Jr.

I’M sure you were just as dismayed as I was last Tuesday evening when the much-publicized NBA Stars versus Gilas Pilipinas tune-up game that we had looked forward to did not materialize due to lapses in coordination between the organizers and NBA officials. The NBA stars led by this year’s NBA’s MVP finals Kawhi Leonard, was supposed to have two scrimmages on July 22 and 23 against our Nationals but in the last hour, the event was called off.  Reports have it that the agency assigned by sports godfather Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP) to make the arrangements failed to secure a the needed NBA clearance.
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