SPunch Frontpage November 23, 2015 issue

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Editorial Cartoon

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Political issues of families

PANGASINAN is the third vote-rich province in the country. This particular trivia is the single most important information to all wannabes, from the party list to the senatorial, vice-presidential and presidential races. You can be sure that the province cannot and will not be ignored by hopeful candidates that matter.

But when they do, they come mouthing same old motherhood statements from templates crafted over the past 4 decades. Most everyone attempts to make the overused and trite promises to make life in the countryside better, sound novel. Truth to tell, listening to all, one wonders if everyone is running for the presidency because they speak in generalities.
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Illegal drugs are burning homes


By Ermin Garcia Jr.

DAGUPAN City Police Chief Christopher Abrahano may be on target and up to expectation in the city’s campaign vs. illegal drugs but as we listen to residents bewail and bemoan how families were being broken up by illegal drug trafficking in the city, how despair has replaced hope that the city will win the war vs. drug syndicates, law enforcement in this case can no longer suffice as a solution.

The worsening drug problem can no longer be isolated as a violation of R.A. No. 9165 penalizing illegal drug trafficking. It behooves a drastic political and social approach minus motherhood statements.
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Think about it

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APEC should have united P-noy and Xi


By Jun Velasco

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the  kingdom of heaven,”Matthew 5:10

WHY are the political toughies afraid of Grace Poe?

If you ask us, the “fear” of Poe is eloquent manifestation of her winning streak!

We have our laws, yes, but throwing all the books including the kitchen sink against her in the name of jurisprudence is a death-blow to democracy!
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Playing with Fire

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The son also rises


By Gonzalo Duque

LOOKING at beloved son Nanoy handle his job as coach of LNU Dukes, the new champ in basketball, recently besting UPang-Phinma in a championship duel, we reminisce the days he was still a gangling toddler!

Well, most of you who listen to Aksyon Radyo, have watched him grow and develop into a young intelligent, Christian leader and sportsman.

Before he accepted that coaching job, Nanoy wanted to know his players.

With the untimely demise of George Alipio, certain questions must have bothered him.
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General Admission

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The cheat


By Al S. Mendoza

BAGUIO CITY—I am here once again for my yearly vow of working as Rules Official of the Fil-Am Invitational Golf Tournament at both the Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay.

The Seniors 55 years old and above began their play yesterday (Nov. 21) and will end on Nov. 26.

The Men’s Regular side of the annual event will be held on Nov. 30 to Dec. 5.

Since this is an amateur event, prizes do not include money.

But lucrative are the perks and raffle giveaways, which include tickets for cruise journeys in the Caribbean and the like.
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Is the candidate a drug protector?


By Bebot Villar

AS the start of the election period draws near, we should begin to ask whether the re-electionists or the challengers are known to be drug lords or protectors of illegal drugs in our respective towns and cities.

Ang totoo kasi, there is an increasing trend in the number of public officials who are involved in dangerous drugs. Ayon nga sa 2014 Annual Report of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), there is a “significant increase in the number of elected officials and public servants involved in the illegal drug trade”. Very recent was the arrest of a barangay treasurer in Zamboanga Peninsula due to violation of the drugs law, which prompted the barangay chairman of the offender to submit himself to a drug test.
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G Spot

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By Virginia Jasmine Pasalo

TREES are vulnerable to certain predators, and more and more, they are vulnerable to the unabated push for non-sustainable development and human greed. Vulnerability is the state of exposure to the impact of development concepts, natural elements, and personal agenda, present and sometimes imagined, so that trees can face extinction when perceived as getting in the way of a paradigm of development, or can be a victim of injury for an imagined danger to motorists, by agencies tasked to monitor road safety.
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