SP Frontpage July 20, 2014

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Editorial Cartoon

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Marking 58 years

THE first issue of your SUNDAY PUNCH was published on July 5, 1956.

Nobody would have known then that it would see the day continuing its avowed mission to this day, 57 years later… and still going strong, looking forward to its 58th year of service to Pangasinenses all over the globe.

Many feared, as most of the staff feared then, the killing of our founder-publisher-editor Ermin E. Garcia Sr. on May 20, 1966 by a Lingayen councilor signaled its death knell. It was not to be. The editors and staff were undeterred and vowed to keep the paper going for as long as possible, for as long as the resources would allow, for as long as the community will trust and embrace it as its own.
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The newspapers’ abominable racket


By Ermin Garcia Jr.


HERE we go again.

In the early 90s, I had warned the regional courts in Pangasinan about abuses being committed by a number of community newspaper publishers, violating the law on publication of judicial notices with impunity at the expense of hapless petitioners.
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Think about it

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Go for it, Mayor Belen! 

Jun Velasco

By Jun Velasco


“Teaching children to count is not s important as teaching them what counts” E.C. –McKenzie


WE had a tough time doing this column.

Last Friday, the Punch’s deadline, the city was a sad victim of a 5-hour brownout which somehow affected writing this column, but it gave us the best time of our life to visit beloved nanay in Barangay Malued, with brod Ptr. Boy, giving us precious company.

We were meaning to take a Muslim-friend to Mayor Belen Fernandez first hour in the morning, but city assistant Dada Sinlao didn’t tell us the time and how.
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General Admission

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A world game to remember


By Al S. Mendoza


WE are not a football country, yes, but once the World Cup is on, we become sort of instant soccer fans.

That was the case recently when the world’s No. 1 sport had its Olympics in Brazil.

When it was on, the world stopped—virtually.

That’s because while basketball is our national passion, football is the global sport.

We do not feel its electric atmosphere but the rest of the world does—literally.

Thus, when Spain was ousted early in the World Cup, the sporting world wept.  Spain was the top seed.
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The danger of legalizing and regulating the use of marijuana


By Bebot Villar


MISSION accomplished! That’s the report of the police station in Sual to the community. Taas-noo sila matapos mahulog sa kanilang bitag ang isang drug personality in their town.

In a buy-bust operation conducted last week, the suspect was caught with his live-in partner, who have been pushing illegal drugs in their area. Ang nakakalungkot dito, their 21-year old na anak was also arrested for the same offense.
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Sports Eye

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Super Mario of Germany

Jess Garcia

By Jesus A. Garcia, Jr.

I’M SURE the diehard fans of soccer followed the 2014 FIFA World Cup from day one and up to the championship match held last Monday early morning between arch rivals Germany and Argentina in Brazil like I did. We saw how the diminutive and substitute striker Mario Goetze of Germany broke the hearts of the Argentinians by scoring the only goal of the match 23 minutes in the overtime to win its fourth world cup title, how his perfect kick using his chest and left leg from a pass seven minutes left that Argentina’s elite goalkeeper Sergio Romero was unable to block. His goal swept thousands of Germans off their feet including their nation’s top leader Chancellor Angela Merkel who voyaged from Germany to Brazil on that championship day to give her team the moral boost.  We saw how the world’s best player Lionel Messi of Argentina failed to score during the 120 minutes hostility that left his compatriots dismayed and unabashedly crying.
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Young Roots

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Bracing for calamities

Johanne R. Macob

By Johanne R. Macob

COLD, howling winds. Incessant drops of heavy- rain. It’s one July Wednesday. I had hoped this scene was just part of one of my melancholic-slash-over-dramatic-themed imaginations. But, no. It is happening, in the real world.

Classes and work have been cancelled as typhoon signal in the province reached no. 3. It was a good thing the cancellation came in early preventing anyone or perhaps a few of our fellows from getting soaked in the rain and floodwaters. I must commend the provincial government, particularly for its effective use of its Facebook page by posting weather updates and other important info from time to time.  Their updates have been helpful, including the advisory from the Governor urging “Pangasinenses to take precautionary measures against Typhoon Glenda.”
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