SP Frontpage August 30, 2015 issue

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Editorial Cartoon

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Major environmental crisis waiting to happen

FOR over a decade now, the daily pollution of the Tondaligan Beach by occupants of Dagupan District Jail along Paras Street – officials and personnel of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and the almost a thousand inmates is nearing crisis level on two fronts.

The “unli” wastes of the occupants continue to be flushed out to the beach through three channels, making the Lingayen Gulf as the District Jail’s own septic tank. Talks and negotiations between BJMP, the Dagupan City government (and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources?) have been reported in the past but nothing concrete has come out of these talks. And all through the years, the concerned government officials have done nothing but pay lip service to the problem, simply pledging solutions and nothing else. Read more


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Save the Lingayen Gulf


By Ermin Garcia Jr.

OUR last week’s issue dwelt on what Pangasinan could possibly gain from the long coastline of Pangasinan. I even dared dream of “The Magical Coastline of Pangasinan” citing God’s gift to our province and our people – the long shoreline outlined by fine beach sand, from San Fabian to Bolinao.

It’s a dream we could have for future generations to enjoy but we need to work for this. Hard work has to start today, not tomorrow, i.e., tackling the degeneration of San Fabian beach. Read more

Think about it

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Grace Poe, Mar Roxas invade Pangasinan anew


By Jun Velasco

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything about the best,

you very often get it.”  W. Somerset Maugham

IT was Grace Poe’s 2nd Pangasinan visit last Thursday under the auspices of the Metro Urdaneta Business Club and the Metro Dagupan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

(Flash! While we were writing this, Sec. Mar Roxas was in Dagupan, presumably to distribute goodies for DILG’s local projects.  Hmm… read on about our forecast). Read more

Playing with Fire

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Singapore-based Pinoys rooting for Duterte


By Gonzalo Duque

IN an overseas call, we learned that Senator Grace Poe took Pangasinan again by storm. Again!

We’re happy our Lyceum Northwestern University hosted her dialogue with our students.

Ok tayo dyan. As we said, the Lyceum Northwestern University is open to all points of view being committed to democratic principles. This was taught to us by erpat, the late Dr. Paco, who lived his political precepts. And it is our solid conviction that is right. Read more

General Admission

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Mar, Jojo, Grace & Duterte: Take your pick


By Al S. Mendoza

MAR Roxas said he will continue P-Noy’s “daang matuwid” (straight path) program.

Jojo Binay said he will transform the country into another Makati.

“Daang matuwid” is corruption elimination per se.

The Philippines becoming another Makati is giving a cake to every senior citizen of the republic on his/her birthday. Read more


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My prayer


By Bebot Villar

A NUMBER of our barangay kapitans are really made of different stuff.

Instead of organizing yearlong sports activities in their respective barangays in order to keep the youth busy with productive activities, they would much rather spend time recruiting drug pushers. I wish these kapitans would just leave their posts, give others a chance to serve the people better, so they can concentrate in their drug pushing activities.

At least hindi naman masyadong nakakahiya sa inyo pag fulltime na kayo sa droga. Mahiya naman kayo sa balat ninyo kahit kaunti.

Read more

G Spot

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When does love grow?


By Virginia Jasmin Pasalo

DURING the regular meeting of the UrBai, a celebratory movement of leadership and spiritual life, I heard two of the members of the group talking about their husbands who passed away. Both husbands have had affairs, and at the time of their deaths, were not on speaking terms with their wives. However, as the law would have it, their bodies had a final landing with their wives, a pyrrhic victory for the women, who claimed ownership of the “body” despite the fact that the same body rested elsewhere when it was still alive. Read more

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