SP Frontpage December 14, 2014 issue

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Editorial Cartoon

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Now, it’s the “Hoodlums in Uniforms”


WE have seen enough of our elected public officials stealing not a few thousands but millions of taxpayers’ money through the pork barrel and other similar funds but with different nomenclature, i.e., Development Funds, Barangay Social Fund, etc. that provided our elected officials a lot of discretion on the use of public funds without accountability. This, in addition to proclivity of corrupt officials to overprice costs of infrastructure projects. We know them too well as “Hoodlums in Barongs.”
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Going to war


By Ermin Garcia Jr.


THOUSANDS of families in Pangasinan stand to be directly benefitted by the pledge and commitment of Guv Spines, in particular, to engage drug lords, syndicates and pushers in a total war before his final term as governor ends in 2016.

That should be enough motivation for him to go to war against phantom enemies operating in the barangays.

Note that I intentionally cited Guv Spines only because it is a war that can only be won through leadership by example. The commitment and performance of the mayors, the kapitans, the police chiefs and others will largely depend on how he leads and uses the resources available to him to win the war. He can be sure everyone will cool off faster than he can blink his eyes with just with one situation that reflects his half-heartedness or indecision during the campaign.
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Think about it

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A school’s odyssey

Jun Velasco

By Jun Velasco


“Better be unborn than untaught, for ignorance is the root of misfortune.”  —- Plato


ILLEGAL  drugs, it must be stated with derision, have become an ordinary nuisance.

Something is seriously wrong if the community loses its guard against its pernicious damage to every crevice of community life.

That anti -drugs summit in Lingayen last Tuesday should be commended, but it was a come-from-behind initiative.

Thank the provincial government, Liga ng mga Barangay, Local Governments, Philippines Drug Enforcement Agency, Dangerous Drugs Board and allied agencies for combining their efforts in the drugs campaign.
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Playing with Fire

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In God’s own time

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


THERE are events or circumstances in our lives that we thought were un-connected but would later show they were inter-connected after all.

We have seen the truth of this in a recent experience.

Last Wednesday during the Anti-Drug Summit in Lingayen, Pangasinan, no less then Gov. Spines opened up a subject that was close to our heart.

It’s about the aborted drug rehab center in Burgos town, which as then vice governor in 1992 we had envisioned for the province.
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General Admission

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Again, an acid test to Fil-Am Golf’s towering stature



YOU may have already read/heard about it:  A player was disqualified for cheating in the just-ended 65th San Miguel Fil-Am Golf Invitational in nearby Baguio that was also backstopped by Toyota.

In previous columns, I did not mention his name and so, I am doing the same here.

His disqualification was enough punishment already, not to mention he was banned from further competition whose inception dates back to 1949.

As a consequence of his crime, the golfer’s team was also disqualified and, as a further punishment, the squad was also disallowed participation unless invited again by the Fil-Am Committee.
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Flawed protocol of BFAR


By Bebot Villar


IT’S unfortunate that one person had to die in Bolinao the other week simply for eating tahong!   Well, in the days that followed, 32 persons more had to be taken to different hospitals in western Pangasinan because of paralytic shellfish poisoning.

It appears na hindi alam ng kawawang mga biktima na ang mga kinain nilang tahong was contaminated by red tide toxins. Who would have thought ba naman na may red tide sa Bolinao sa mga araw na iyon when shellfish bulletin na inilabas ng Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) the week before the incident, red tide alert was only raised in Bani town. Tinanggal na nga ng BFAR sa listahan ang Alaminos City at that time na halos dalawang buwan nang may red tide sa mga coastal waters nito.
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Sports Eye

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They came, they saw, they conquered again

Jess Garcia

By Jesus A. Garcia Jr.

WE have to thank God that the force of super typhoon Ruby had weakened and most of all the core of its wrath spared our province. Yes, “Prayers can move Mountains!” For this, the Sta. Barbara Cycling Challenge that was asked to direct and scheduled on December 8 pushed through. That was the positive development. But the bad news is our Pangasinan riders were badly beaten again (like in the past) and were unable to finish among the top three.
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