Unsung heroes

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April 9th commemorates the Bataan Death March. As some who read the Sunday Punch Forum may know I was born in San Fernando, La Union, of a Filipina mother and an American Father. I came to the U.S. with my father and mother after WWII.

After the Japanese landed in the Philippines my father, being American, was sent to Santo Tomas, Manila, as a POW where he remained until liberated by the U.S. forces.

As the Japanese marched through the Philippines, remnants of what was left of the U.S. Forces and Filipino Scouts were rounded up and sent to Mariveles Bataan. My grandfather, Felix Tulfo, was one of those who died during the Death March. He did not die in vain.

Felix Tulfo left several children who in one way or another avenged his death, my mother and two of her brothers. Ramon, Sr. and Sabas, Felix Tulfo’s sons joined the guerilla forces. My mother worked in the Japanese officer’s mess. From there she could gather information which she passed on to her brothers. On one occasion, my mother suspected of passing information to her brothers that she overheard was beaten after a “secret” base was bombed.

After the war Ramon and Sabas Tulfo were given the choice of joining the U.S. Army or remain in the Philippine Army. Sabas chose to join the U.S. Army, after which he was awarded high honors for his actions during the war. Ramon chose to stay in the Philippines. Uncle Ramon attained the rank Colonel in the Philippine Constabulary. Ramon’s sons, Ramon “Mon” Jr., Erwin, Raffy and Ben continue to carry the fight to make the Philippines the country that Felix Tulfo and others died for. Let their deaths be not in vain.


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Fight corrupt officials instead

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Edwin T
13 April 2014


Re: Sports Eye

Manny Pacquiao won by a unanimous decision. That’s the good news. The bad news is that at 35 yrs old he’s talking about fighting several more years. Muhammad Ali thought he was invincible but he took one punch too many. Ali is now a shell of his former self. Let’s hope Manny wises up. If he wants to fight let him fight the corrupt Filipino politicians who are bankrupting the Philippines.

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No pork barrel

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Edwin T
12 April 2014

Re: 25 illegal fish pens down, 43 still to go -Illegal fish pens.


One has to wonder what the reason was fish pens that were already dismantled the first to be removed. A pessimist might think the reason was those were the first to go was because of “wala pork barrel.”

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Beautiful Pangasinenses

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Edwin T
12 April 2014


Re: Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism is a Pangasinense

Once again it has been proven that the most beautiful women come from the Philippines and the most from Pangasinan. I know, I’ve been married to a Dagupan City lady for 46 years.

On another subject (again) Her Highness said “In 30 days all the illegal fish pens will be gone.” She forgot to say Pilipino Time.

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A different world record, pls!

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8 April 2014

Re: Corn and Malangsi Festivals

I would like to see a Philippines make its way into the world of Guinness – free of corruption of political gobbledygook.

Not this typical bullcraps making this country as … corny, as … fishy … as it looks.

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Gone! Anggapo laaaa!

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7 April 2014

Re: Punchline – the missing P16 million with a capital B …

It’s not surprising nobody from the … City Clowncil … is interested in opening this can of worms, this Pandora’s Box because most of them clowncilors sitting in this rotten body were involved.


When the not-so-dead-yet The Benjie forced these clowns to sign their names in the dotted line, there was an in-depth and common knowledge they were bribed to keep their mouths shut.

Their eyes went wild twinkling like stars in a moonless night believing in their benefactor, that the Awai deal was a cash cow never seen in a Dagupan rocked by corruption right and left.

If my memory serves me right, this City Administrator Farah Marie (as in Farah Fawcett) Decano; Atty. Joey (Jose Netu Tamayo); Erfe-Mejia; the Reynas, a Fernandez … were into this conspiracy up to their eyeballs.


For those of you Dagupenios, who still cling to the idea the money taken by Jose Mariano Cuna in haste can be refunded “mankokogip kayo” and not only that, if you ask Farah and Joey what they will do about it, expect ‘em to shrug it off saying “awey! agko anta tan!” passing the ball to the not-so-dead-yet The Benjie, who for all intents and purposes couldn’t even recognize what a hoop looks like.

Ama’y kuarta …ANGGAPO LAAAAA … intigkiab la’y wawak!

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SP Frontpage April 13, 2014 issue

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Editorial Cartoon

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CARTOONedit 140413

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WHETHER out in a beach or mountain destination, on a staycation at home with the family, or gallivanting abroad, reserve some time this week for some deep personal reflection. It is, after all, the Holy Week.

In this predominantly Catholic country, it is not uncommon nor surprising to hear people — including politicians, other public officials, businessmen, athletes, professionals –  invoking Jesus Christ (or God as a more general term) in any given circumstance – a victory, a calamity, or even in situations involving allegations of dishonesty and corruption.
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