SP Frontpage August 31, 2014 issue

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Editorial Cartoon

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THE attempted murder on the person of radio broadcaster Orly Navarro of DWIZ has shown once again the vulnerability of media practitioners to such impunity by corrupt businessmen and politicians, drug lords and gambling lords.

Whether they attempt was caused by personal spite by persons with whom Mr. Navarro had disagreements is really of no consequence because what is of supreme import is the realization that another practitioner who helps keep the fire of press freedom alive could have been permanently shut off the air.  To say that it sends a chilling to a sector that practices one of the most hazardous professions today would be an understatement.
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Warped logic


By Ermin Garcia Jr.


WE all felt relieved on learning that our colleague Orly Navarro survived the cowardly attack on him. It would have been a terrible loss if he had succumbed to it, so praise the Lord for His love and mercy.

But while everyone in the media sector expressed utter shock at what befell Mr. Navarro, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, the lawyer representing Mr. Antonio Cabangon Chua and DWIZ (Mr. Navarro’s employer), quickly grabbed the limelight and the opportunity to exploit Mr. Navarro’s misfortune by irresponsibly pointing to a “top city official and the Dagupan police” as prime suspects.  It was much too obvious to many, including Mr. Navarro, that he was referring to Mayor Belen Fernandez and Police Chief Christopher Abrahano!  Geez, he must have thought that being a celebrity lawyer, he could sensationalize his effort to discredit Mayor Belen and Supt. Abrahano by invoking Mr. Navarro’s fate. Shameless and simply insensitive.
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Think about it

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We condemn Orly Navarro’s shooting     

Jun Velasco

By Jun Velasco


The greatest incitement to wrongdoing is the hope of doing so with impunity,” Cicero


IT was our beloved nanay, the former Aurora Martinez’s  87th birthday Friday on August 29.

We had a modest, fun-filled get together at Charlie Ngo’s Star Plaza.

Last year, this woman of great faith was down for two months and was in the hospital with NGT feeding.

Because of her age, brothers and sisters could only look at one another with soulful understanding and lots of prayer.

Suddenly, it occurred to us to invite our friend Eddie Quinto of Mangaldan town who has a healing gift which was developed scientifically in a Tokyo medical center to gently work on her back, around the sciatic nerve, and, lo and behold, in less than an hour, mother showed great relief. What a miracle!
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Playing with Fire

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History repeating itself in Jaycee politics?

Gonz Duque

By Gonzalo Duque


FIRST, we express our sympathy to our friend Orly Navarro, manager of Radio DWIZ Dagupan, for what happened to him last Wednesday. He was shot from behind near his residence in Brgy. Pantal, Dagupan. It was almost 1 a.m., according to reports.

Alam mo pare Orly, trabajo yan ng mga may malalim na inggit sa yo.

Yan ang problema sa ating mga pogi e.

But, like many of our friends and colleagues, we sincerely prayed for your survival, recovery and return to normal life.
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General Admission

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We need Blatche to win basketball gold in Korea Asiad


By Al S. Mendoza


THE Spain Fiba World Cup is on.

We got there without encountering even a minor glitch.

We placed second behind Iran in the Fiba Asia Cup last year, earning us a ticket to the Olympics of basketball.

The Top 24 basketball powers in the world are in Spain and we are bracketed with Croatia, Greece, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Senegal.

As I was writing this, we were hours away from the Philippine-Croatia match.

Only a miracle could make us defeat Croatia, a powerhouse squad from Europe whose players are so tall they make us seem like dwarves.
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Field trips are meant to be educational


By Bebot Villar


UNTIL now, I still can’t believe that seven students of Bulacan State University (BSU) died after they were swept away by strong river currents during a field trip last week.  Sa isang iglap, ang isang masayang pamamasyal-cum-educational ay nauwi sa trahedya.

Hindi na bago ang mga field trips o educational trips na ito. This has been practiced in schools, mula elementary until college. And this was not the first time na may nasawing mga estudyante. DepEd at CHED had issued many guidelines on field trips in the past and while they formulated the guidelines, suspended lahat ang field trips.
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By Oscar V. Cruz


In case the verified complaint or resolution of impeachment is filed by at least one-third of all the Members of the House, the same shall constitute the Articles of Impeachment, and trial by the Senate shall forthwith proceed.” (1987 Constitution of the Philippines, Section 2, Article XI)


CONSIDERING that the direct and indirect taxes exacted from the citizens not only from head to foot, but also from birth to death, are the means used for paying in full all public officials not simply for doing their work of public service but also for having a good life of their own – not to mention the receipt of all their fringe benefits, irrespective of whether they are doing their assigned agenda or taking their regular and long vacations – the above-cited constitutional provision on Impeachment such as by reason of a culpable violation of the Constitution, for betrayal of public trust and other serious crimes is not only sensible and proper but also just and right.
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